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  • Location Based AR Communication Platform


    User Experience Instalation Branding Physical Interface
    Ghostag visual


    Virtual Messages in Real Places

    Press the cap to release AR messages from a smartphone like if you were painting with a can paint. Ghostag was released as a proof of concept mobile app.

    The team consisted of Jarek Kucharczyk - Design Lead / Lukasz Paciorkowski - Technology Lead / Mark Hyland - Business Lead.

    F.A.R.M visual


    Live feed of physical objects and places

    We used geolocation and augmented reality to create a unique platform where users can share their opinions, ideas or knowledge related to physical locations or objects. A digital layer on top of the alive structure of the city.

    See Prototype See Design Process See Usability Test Results


    For Fun and for Business

    The idea gained traction, especially from the heavy industries sector. We’ve partnered with Cambrian College to develop a sensor-based data stream projected in AR in a coal mine environment.

    Ghostag logo