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    User Experience Instalation Branding Physical Interface
    Subtwist visual


    City of Experiences

    Subtwist is a set of multiplayer games in public transportation that allows users to have an enjoyable commuting experience.

    Our team consisted of Jarek Kucharczyk - Concept and Visual Design, Unity Development / So Joung Lee - Concept Design, Unity Development / Nan Yao - Concept Design, VR Development, Engineering / Stacie Baek - Concept Design, Engineering


    Increase commuters' awareness

    Every day becomes an adventure we share with strangers on a daily route. It helps us to be empathetic and aware of our surroundings, to grasp the unusual moments of human interactions that give us a sense of community.

    Subtwist visual


    Physical Proof of concept

    The ceiling of the vehicle displays a game board, and handles have additional functionality as a game controller. Subtwist completely changes the way we experience the city.

    Subtwist visual


    Azure Awards

    Subtwist was invited to exhibit an interactive prototype where visitors of the Azure Awards Gala could grab the handles and have fun with a pinball game on the ceiling of the mocked-up subway train.

    F.A.R.M visual